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The Mission and Goal of A/C Step 2 CS Prep is to prepare US and IMG’s students in the simple and accuracy form to PASS the test with a highest score. We focus on communication and interpersonal skills, efficient patient notes, history taking skills and physical examination. Learn how the test is graded, what the Standardized patients are looking for and how to write a patient note.

We understand the concerns and needs of our students, for this reason we keep our class sizes small per workshop, which gives individual attention to each student. This way we can assure a safe and supportive learning environment.

Let us give you the skills and knowledge to PASS your USMLE Step2 CS.

Why Us?

There are no other USMLE Step 2 CS review in Puerto Rico able to compete our high level of individualized attention and the feedback of the patient notes!


About A/C Step 2 CS Prep:

Comprehensive Training

Interactive Review

Patient Notes

Mock Test

Standarized Patients

Step2 CS Orientations

Gathering Information


Your Success is our Success! That is why we strive on giving you The best tools for passing your AC Step 2 CS Prep test.